Google Plus Soon To Launch

Google Plus is in the middle of what Google is calling a “limited Field Trial.” They’re currently testing out the reception of their latest social-networking gambit on a select group of people. However, the testing period is due to end soon, leaving us all wondering if the company that is semi-famous for attempts at social networking has finally gotten it right.
Google Generates Hype By Producing None
It’s possible that one of the most interesting parts of Google Plus so far is the amount of hype surrounding it, strictly because it has flown so low under the radar. At the end of last year, when news of Google’s “Emerald Sea” was leaked, not much information was given then, either. Is this Google’s way of building suspense, or do they really enjoy delivering surprises?

Google Refuses To Give Up Information

In December of 2010, information concerning the main features of Google Plus was leaked to the public. First came “Sparks,” or “Loops,” and then came the mini-release of the +1 button at the start of June. The concept of “Hangouts” was dropped in December too, but Google refused to make a big deal out of any progress they’d made, or even bring any attention to it at all. Only once did they actually take an active position in all the buzz: when rumors started over “Circles,” Chris Messina stepped in to deter the public from thinking Google was developing a social network. And yet, months later, here we are.
Is Google Plus Being Deliberately Kept Under Wraps?

No one knows just why Google has strayed so far from publicizing its own creations. Critics (yes, they are already out there) think it would have made sense to at least do a little marketing, especially as according to reports, 25% of yearly bonuses for Google employees depend on the success of this project. But others have referred to two thing. The first is that sometimes, the most suspenseful things for us are what we never see. The second is that it’s hard to be disappointed by something you weren’t all that excited for.

In this article, readers learned about the lack of hype surrounding new social network, Google Plus. There has been a lack of information about this service until recently, leading many to wonder just what the purpose was in Google keeping people in the dark. However, Google is just about ready to unveil their latest creation; we’ll soon see if the lack of information served a purpose or not.

hat's fundamentally different from Google Wave, where I rarely saw any discussion that wasn't about Wave itself. It's possible that's just the company I keep, but I think that's important. For a social network to succeed, people have to be social. And, while I saw loads of cool stuff on Wave, I never saw anything that was social. It was all about plugins, APIs, robots, outages, browser crashes, and the like. I never got into Buzz, so I don't have any basis for comparison. If you have thoughts, don't hesitate to add them to the comments.

I don't think Facebook is quaking in its boots; I do think that Twitter may have more to fear than Facebook. I've participated in exactly one huddle on Google Plus: a 3-way video conversation with participants in the US and Europe. It was smooth, cool, easy. No echoes, no long delays, better audio than a cell phone. Skype may have more to fear than Facebook or Twitter.

Google Plus is not without its warts, nor should we expect it to be; it's only been up a few hours. There is an undocumented way to invite arbitrary people. I won't tell you what it is, but it's not hard to discover, and that's important: a social service won't work until you have people to be social with. I wonder how well the "circle" metaphor scales; I already have more people in my circles than are easily visible, and I have more circles than fit on one screen. And I'd like an easier way to re-organize my circles, since I'm not sure my current organization works.

But in short, I think Google has a winner. Bugs and warts are easy to fix when the foundation is solid. Congratulations.

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